A Desperate Place


L.A. Times journalist Whit McKenna is recovering from a harrowing assignment in Afghanistan. Seeking refuge she moves with her two daughters to a small Southern Oregon town and works as a crime reporter for the local newspaper.


A month on the job and she's assigned to cover the murder of a famous actress. Thrust into the media firestorm, Whit's PTSD kicks in full force with disturbing flashbacks, each one exposing repressed memories of her nightmare in Afghanistan. Years of journalistic instinct strengthen her resolve and with dogged determination she pursues the sensational story.


When two more high profile members of the community end up in the morgue with the same gruesome detail, Whit joins forces with medical examiner detective Katie Riggs. Quid pro quo they follow a trail of deception.


Medical science has played a twisted part in this deadly drama and each front page article she writes brings her closer to a vicious killer who will stop at nothing to silence his victims.